24 January 2011

♥ 2011 Sasha Festival ♥

The 2011 Sasha Festival is happening July 14-17 in Springfield, Illinois. This year's theme is "Pieces of Time". The registration deadline is May 1, so there's still plenty of time to send in your registration if you haven't done so already. Registration information can be found at the official website.
Boo and I have already registered!
Here are some additional details from Charla McGuire Neal regarding this year's "Dress-A-Sasha Contest".

"Children of the White House"
Many of our Presidents have brought their children to live in the White House over the years, including our two Presidents from Illinois, President Lincoln and President Obama. Dress Sasha, Gregor, and/or baby Sasha to represent any child or children of a President, who has lived in the White House. The contest is open to registered attendees only. Entrants are asked to provide their own doll stands. Space for each entry will be limited to 18 in. by 18 in. Please include a photograph of the White House child or children your entry is meant to represent.

Entry Categories:
Youth - Age 8 to 17 years
Adult - 18 years and up - Outfit made by entrant. Entrant must make all items except for shoes, socks, underwear, and accessories.
Adult - 18 years and up - Outfit assembled by entrant. Clothing may be purchased or made by someone other than the entrant.

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