27 December 2010

Pale Blue Tutu

Sue at the Sasha_Mart Yahoo group posted a picture in November of "Sasha's ballet class", with a blonde Sasha and several other dolls all dressed in tutus. I contacted her through her Crissy doll website, and was pleased to discover that she made the tutus herself and would gladly make one for me. We settled on blue, as I thought it would look nice on Giselle (who already has several pink tutus). Sue even made matching blue ballet slippers and a floral headpiece to complete the outfit. Now Giselle is ready for another production of Sleeping Beauty, but this time as Princess Florine instead of Princess Aurora. I think she looks really sweet in this ballet outfit, and couldn't wait to share some pictures (click on any photo for a larger view).

Thank you Sue!

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Nikita Eileen said...

Very Beautiful Sasha and Tutu