30 December 2009

Merry (Belated) Christmas!

I was hoping to write a couple more posts before taking a break for Christmas, but my schedule just didn't allow it. There's so much going on this time of year, and the kids have two weeks off from school which pretty much eliminates my Sasha time.

There were lots of Sasha-related gifts at my house this year. Boo received several presents for Calla and Rose under the Christmas tree, including Magic Attic clothing and accessories, and gorgeous hand-painted furniture. I hope to share pictures and more information once life quiets down a bit. I purchased a new doll on eBay as a gift for myself, a 1969 Brunette Party (with "perfect" hair, that of course turned out to be very fragile). I also bought this cute white tree from Prilly Charmin (thanks to Kelly for the information), which Boo decided Calla and Rose would enjoy decorating. My 9-year old son made the star for the top.

Calla's gingerbread men dress was made by eBay seller specialdelivery2006, while Rose's gold star dress is from Nellie Rose.

07 December 2009

Display Cabinets

We're adding a puppy to our family (he'll be here tomorrow!). In preparation, I needed to make sure that all of my Sashas are somewhere safe. My sister had picked up a second display cabinet for me on a trip to IKEA, which sat in boxes for ages before my husband kindly assembled it for me. He also drilled additional holes in both of the cabinets so that I could create smaller sections at the top and bottom using the adjustable shelves. I plan to buy some archival binders and boxes to store my paper paraphernalia and special clothing in those spaces.

It took me a while to decide where everyone should stand, with lots of shuffling. Since almost all of my dolls are in the cabinets now, I decided to share some pictures. One cabinet contains my Gotz dolls, and the other contains most of my English dolls (my five "dressing dolls" are elsewhere in the house).

Here is the Gotz cabinet, grouped by age:

Here is the English cabinet, grouped by hair color (alas, poor Giselle's stringing is too loose for her to stand safely):

I'm really pleased with how these look so far. After the holidays I plan to spend some time organizing all the bits and pieces.

02 December 2009

Meet Miranda

The weather hasn't been cooperating lately; we've had rain or overcast skies whenever I have some free time to take pictures. I finally gave in and took pictures anyway.

Miranda is a stunner, purchased from the collection of Audrey Femmer. She is my fourth Gotz no-navel. Like Muriel she is a brunette from 1970, but unlike Muriel she has long uncut hair. She arrived nude, and I've dressed her in a yellow corduroy dress from Dayzees by Randall Craig.

Hopefully we'll see the sun soon, and I can take some pictures of Miranda and Muriel together for comparison. Muriel looks forlorn to me, while Miranda looks shy.