09 September 2009

Meet Nola (before)

Nola is my third Gotz no-navel. Like Lucinda, she is from 1969; like Muriel she is a "waif". Over the course of 40 years she's lost her original clothes, acquired a bad haircut, and had an eyebrow nearly rubbed off. In spite of all this, she is an absolutely beautiful blue-eyed redhead. I took her outside today for some photos in the clothes she arrived in, a blue knitted dress and panties. (I've seen this pattern at some point, but don't recall where.) -- see update below

Her stringing is tight, but something is amiss as her right arm wants to stay twisted back. When that is sorted out, I'll decide if I want to do anything about her hair and/or eyebrow.

UPDATE: Victoria left a comment and mentioned seeing this dress on Bettina's website. I checked her "Mode" (fashion) photos, and saw a very similar dress labeled "Dolls Designs". After some web surfing, I found the pattern (bearing the picture I recall seeing): "Dolls Designs" KP50 by Patricia Evans and Jane Woodbridge. I think I must have seen it on eBay at some point.

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Lauri B said...

She's lovely and was obviously well loved - that must bring some good vibes with her. :) Congratulations!

Victoria M said...

I was just on Bettina's website and the dress looks exactly like one on a couple of her dolls pictured in her "fotoalben".

hknight453@aol.com said...

Did you buy her from Shelly? She's very pretty, and I seem to recall this doll on her site. I'm glad you have her. She's very sweet, and I hanked after her myself:-)