14 July 2010

San Francisco Or Bust!

Well, I haven't finished the Swiss dress that I planned to sew for the festival (though I did start it). Unfortunately I was too busy working on various projects for Table Hostess gifts.  I said I was going to keep the gifts a surprise until after the festival, but I'm so excited that I need to share another part. I just finished sewing 10 tote bags (with three hours to spare until I pick my kids up from camp then head to the airport!).

Now I need to get packing!! I won't be blogging from the festival, as I don't have a portable computer I can bring. I will attempt to post a slide show of pictures shortly after I return, similar to my second festival post from last year. I'm sure I'll create a few themed festival posts as well, but I don't have anything specific planned as I'm going to let the experience dictate my posts. Not only will it be different event from last year, but I won't be viewing it as a newbie this time.

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