25 April 2010

Swiss Dress Plans

I decided that I need at least one Swiss-style doll dress to bring to this year's Festival, so I plan to make one. Hopefully posting about it will give me the motivation I need to complete it. Since I don't own a sewing machine right now, I'm going to have to sew by hand. Ugh! I chose the pattern, purchased fabric and lace, and am ready to get started.

Now all I need is patience, perseverance, and a whole lot of free time!


Mikki said...

Beautiful pattern and gorgeous choice of fabric. How are you getting on with it?

franberry said...

Thanks for asking! I'm glad I started early, as I'd forgotten how much prep work goes into sewing. I'm slowly progressing: fabric is washed and pressed, pattern is traced, pinned, and cut. I've taken a break, because my birthday is the end of this month and I'm hoping to buy myself a sewing machine. If I do then sewing should be much easier, and if I don't then I should still have enough time to sew by hand.