07 December 2009

Display Cabinets

We're adding a puppy to our family (he'll be here tomorrow!). In preparation, I needed to make sure that all of my Sashas are somewhere safe. My sister had picked up a second display cabinet for me on a trip to IKEA, which sat in boxes for ages before my husband kindly assembled it for me. He also drilled additional holes in both of the cabinets so that I could create smaller sections at the top and bottom using the adjustable shelves. I plan to buy some archival binders and boxes to store my paper paraphernalia and special clothing in those spaces.

It took me a while to decide where everyone should stand, with lots of shuffling. Since almost all of my dolls are in the cabinets now, I decided to share some pictures. One cabinet contains my Gotz dolls, and the other contains most of my English dolls (my five "dressing dolls" are elsewhere in the house).

Here is the Gotz cabinet, grouped by age:

Here is the English cabinet, grouped by hair color (alas, poor Giselle's stringing is too loose for her to stand safely):

I'm really pleased with how these look so far. After the holidays I plan to spend some time organizing all the bits and pieces.


jenann said...

What a superb collection! I'm so glad someone else has so many - sometimes I feel guilty for buying soma many 'just this last' dolls!!

Anonymous said...

hi! i just got my gotz doll and her braclet said kathy she is a 2nd edition doll and i do not no how to take care of her she smells like moth balls can you tell me how to take care fo her?

franberry said...

I am a doll collector, but not much of a doll expert. I own quite a few dolls made Gotz, but only their "Sasha" dolls. None of them are named Kathy, so I searched online for more information about your doll. If I found the correct doll, she's a limited edition (of 2500) from 1987 with auburn curls and a white dress. That's about all I was able to determine. If she is a vinyl doll like the Sashas, then odors can be very difficult to remove. I've listed a couple of resources that may help below. Best of luck!

1] An excellent resource for care of Sasha Dolls (it mentions odors in the section on Body Cleaning): http://www.sashadoll.com/repair/help.html

2] A Sasha collector's blog entry, which describes her efforts at odor removal from a Sasha Doll: