20 June 2009

Meet Yamka

It's been a while since I've posted about a Later Gotz doll. Yamka is the final addition to that portion of my collection (I know, famous last words). Like Ira, Yamka is a limited edition doll from 2001 with an outfit modeled after one of the old studio dolls (shown on page 100 of the book Sasha-Puppen). She was not easy to come by, due to both her limited edition status and the fact that she seems to be on many people's wish lists. I can understand why, as she has quite a unique look.

I believe she's the only doll with jewelry as part of her original outfit: she came with five beaded necklaces, and a bracelet spiraled around her right arm (which I've removed temporarily as it left green marks on her vinyl).

She came with a certificate denoting her limited edition status and number. In addition, she is marked on her torso with her number (268 of 500) and the year 2001.

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Sasha said...

Oh, I just found your Yamka post. Congratulations!!! Now I am truly green with envy. But I finally got a 60s Gotz doll I am really excited about. I don't love all the 60s dolls, like the no-nose dolls I still don't care for much. But your no-navel Muriel is very nice. My 60s girl will get introduced after Kiltie. It's hard to keep up. =)