28 January 2009

1980's Honey Blondes

After commenting in yesterday's post about how different Cameo and Calla looked, I though a comparison photo was in order. You can see here how Cameo's bangs are narrower, they don't extend as wide across her forehead. Her hair is a slightly darker shade which I'd describe as more golden, and it catches the light more. Calla is a bit taller and her head a bit larger as well -- an example of how the dolls "grew" over time as molds were recast.

I decided to add my Gregor to the comparison. Even though he's officially named Gregor Sandy Hiker, his hair color is basically honey blonde. Its shade is almost identical to Calla's, and with their matching blue eyes they look like fraternal twins. I really like this picture of the three of them.

27 January 2009

Meet Cameo

Having given Calla to Boo, I began seeking a replacement "fifth amigo". It was tempting to find another Sasha Honey Blonde Party, since I love the hair color. Instead I bought a Sasha Honey Blonde Silk Dress (101) -- same hair color, but with brown eyes like the rest of the amigos (and me). It was also tempting to call this doll Calla, but I managed to come up with another name that fit the pattern (starting with "C", five letters long, and of Greek origin) -- Cameo.

Considering that she is roughly 25 years old, both she and her clothes are in remarkably good condition. The only real issue is a green dot on the back of her neck, caused by corrosion on the snap on her dress. Her socks still have quite a bit of elastic but I like them slouched down; I often wear my socks like this.

Despite the fact that they are both honey blondes, she has a very different look from Calla. It's not just because of the eye color; her hair is a slightly different shade and her bangs are narrower. It think it's also partly because she's older. The "Silk Dress" girls were made from 1981-84 while the "Party" girls were made from 1985-86.

22 January 2009

1969 Side Parts

I thought it would be fun to take a few pictures of my 1969 side part girls together. They are a bit like yin and yang: one with dark hair/eyes and light summery clothes, the other with light hair/eyes and dark wintery clothes.

Yet they both have the same peach-colored lips and thick bangs.

Here's a top view of their parts, each with a slightly different rooting pattern.

19 January 2009

Meet Lilith

Here is another contender for my favorite Sasha doll. Lilith is a 1969 Sasha Brunette Party. She is my first 1960's brunette! I'd been hesitant to buy an older brunette because so many have issues with falling hair. I found her on the Sasha Doll UK website, where her hair was described as "in perfect condition with none falling or missing". Having purchased a few other dolls from Shelly, I trusted her description. As you can see, she is lovely and does indeed have very nice hair.

She came with a pink ribbon tied in her hair which I have replaced (at least for the time being) with a vintage barrette, also purchased from Shelly.

14 January 2009

It's Pajama Time

I've been too busy to take Sasha pictures recently, but today I managed to find a free moment. Please pardon the cluttered background and bad lighting, but the dolls are in the family room and I didn't have time to move them to more photogenic surroundings. Boo received a bed for Calla for Christmas, and she's been hanging out there the past couple of weeks. I decided to put the girls into their pj's for a group photo with the new bed. Cindy, Cathy, Cybil, and Chloe are all wearing nightwear made by Patty at The Sasha Wardrobe. Calla is lounging in a pair of pajamas that Enid was wearing when I purchased her; they are tagged Nellie-Rose and were thus made by eBay seller maudie-mays. Everyone's hair is a bit mussed as there was no time for brushing hair either, but in this setting perhaps it can be construed as bedhead.

07 January 2009

Meet Alison

Having purchased several "special" Sasha dolls recently, I'm having a hard time picking my favorite. This doll is certainly one of the contenders. She has absolutely gorgeous pale blue eyes! Alison is the 1968 fringe girl that I had on layaway and finally finished paying for in December. She arrived in time to don a red checked dress and join the Christmas photo.

It has been a rainy, overcast week which makes it hard to take nice Sasha pictures (I should probably invest in a good light source). Still, I'm going to let the pictures do the talking, as they can "tell" you far more about her than my words. If you click on a picture, you will see a larger version.

Here you can see how wide her dress is. This is not her original outfit, but it came from another 1968 fringe girl so it suits her well.

And finally a view from the back, to give a better look at her hair.

03 January 2009

Meet Wibke

Like Stella, Wibke is a pale skin "modern" doll produced by Gotz in 2000 who wears clogs. My Stella and Wibke both have the later maroon-colored clogs.

Shoes and skin color aside they don't look much alike though; while Stella has brown eyes and brown flowing hair, Wibke is a blue-eyed blonde with thick braids.

She joins Alice, Anika, and Lilly as my fourth Later Gotz doll with two long braids. I will try to do some comparison posts in the future -- both of my pale-skinned "modern" dolls, and of my dolls with braids.