27 June 2015

Meet Nixie

My second birthday girl is also jumping the queue. Two self-presents this year seemed a bit extravagant, but I couldn't resist either one. Nixie joins my growing group of no-navels. Ultimately I'm hoping to have at least one each of the 12 possible hair/eye/year combinations - still four to go. :-)

Nixie is from 1969, with the thicker style of eye paint. She replaces Nola, who moved on to a new home when I was in need of dollie funds. Her hair is gorgeous, as is her eye paint.

The no-navel girls look a bit older to me than the early English girls. And often bashful. Or pensive.


Serenata said...

Congratulations on your other birthday girl Fran, she is very lovely. She looks gorgeous in that pretty dress.

Dee said...

Well sometime one's just got to have that second present if it's a wonderful Red haired No Navel girl :)
She is beautiful Fran and no wonder you could not resist.
Good luck with getting all twelve, I look forward to seeing them all together when that happens.

lollyknits said...

Happy Birthday, dear Franberry! I wish you only the best! You've got a lovely start with this beauty. :-) She's captivating and the dress is perfect. hugs!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely no navel redhead. For some reason I noticed many of the red no navels have a darker front part , the short hair or fringe. Would anybody know about why that is? Her dress is a very special fabric that I LOVE too.
Happy birthday! Fanny

Julie said...

She's lovely. A very happy birthday to and for you!

Sharon said...

She's really lovely, well done on adopting her...and a Happy Birthday too!
Hugs Sharon in Spain x