22 November 2014

Meet Emma Katherine

Everyone who has read my blog since the early days knows that the first Sasha dolls I ever saw (and loved) belonged to my childhood friends - sisters who owned a blonde and a brunette. I found a 1971 brunette that matched my memories and named her Esme. I already had a 1970 blonde named Enid, and while they were great friends, not quite the pair I remembered from childhood. Petite Enid with her full center part was just a bit off the mark. She has since traveled off to a new home, and I now have a 1971 blonde I call Emma Katherine.

Emma is a much better match to my memories. Her bangs are a bit wonky, but I think they can be sorted out and made at least a bit more even. The end pieces on the far right here come from behind the first row of hair, and searching through the pieces on the other side I see some short strands mixed in. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to coax them back where they belong.

I love her dark blue eyes, and even the pale color of her lips that this era often fades too. I think that she and Esme Elizabeth are going to be fantastic sisters.


Cheryl C said...

Very pleased to meet Emma Katherine, she is very lovely and comes to a great Sasha mom. I have someone similar even to the turned up collar on one side, Interesting isn't it.

Serenata said...

She is lovely Fran. This era of blonde Sashas are my favourite.

Dee said...

A gorgeous girl and lovely that she reminds you of that friends childhood Sasha.
I'm sure you will be able to sort her fringe out.

Ginger said...

Emma is just lovely Fran! A real beauty! :) xxx