14 July 2010

Early 70's Friends

Most of my English dolls are from the late 60's, but I do have three from the early 70's: Enid, Esme, and Cleo. Cleo is only a baby, but Enid and Esme appear to be fast friends.

They're pleading with me to come to the festival, but I've already decided to bring Muriel again and only have room for one other doll in my suitcase.


jenann said...

OH! I can hear them saying, 'It's SO not fair!
It must be Enid and Esme's turn next year. Have fun, who ever you take with you this time.

Lauri said...

Both are beautiful, but Esme is just haunting. What eyes! Have a wonderful time! Will you be blogging the festival at all? Do you know if anyone will be?

franberry said...

I will miss not seeing you and Gabby at the festival (and Ellen, and Meg, and ...) Looking forward to meeting lots of new people though. I won't be blogging from the festival as I don't have a portable computer I can bring. Plus, I'd rather spend my time socializing than holed up somewhere trying to create coherent posts. :-) Will attempt to post a slideshow of pictures on the blog shortly after I return, as I did last year. I'm sure I'll create a few themed festival posts as well, but nothing planned yet. I'm going to let the experience dictate my posts; not only will it be different from last year, but I won't be viewing it as a newbie this time.