09 August 2012

Meet Marlena

Guess I need to get back to making introductions, as I have quite a few dolls that haven't been introduced yet. All of my no-navels are on the blog except for one, so I'll start with her. Marlena is a blue-eyed brunette from 1970, wearing her original brown farm pants outfit. My other brunette no-navels, Muriel and Miranda, are also from 1970 but have brown eyes.

She is similar to the Later Gotz Annett, except without a duffle coat. I'll include some comparison photos of Marlena and Annett in my next post.

1 comment:

Kendal said...

Marlena is a lovely 1970 Gotz No-navel doll who I'm sure is looking forward to living there with you and meeting her two friends with the same colour hair but with the brown eyes.

This Gotz combination of the blue eyes and brunette hair is very attractive and I could never understand why the Frido/Trendon factory didn't use it other than on their 1981 limited edition doll, Velvet.
Sasha love from Kendal.