18 August 2012

Gotz Brunettes in Farmpants

As promised, here are several pictures of my two Gotz brunettes in farmpants. The inspiration for Annett certainly came from the earlier dolls like my Marlena. They are quite a striking duo with their brown hair and blue eyes. Despite their similar size, Marlena looks like an older child to me because of her angular chin and more pronounced nose.

These are probably their last photos together, as Annett has been sent to Shelly in the UK to find a new home. Then again, it's possible that they may be reunited at some point in the future at a yet-to-be determined place. One never knows ...

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Kendal said...

I was thrilled when the Gotz Factory started to produce some more Sasha Dolls as this kick started my Sasha collecting again, having only one doll, a 1975 Sasha Red Dress on my own.
I liked the way they based this new collection on past Studio and Gotz dolls enabling new collectors to purchase these dolls again. the internet eBay, websites, private dealers weren't available to the average person in those early stages so it was great to see these dolls back for sale in the shops again.
Sasha love and good luck with Annette's sale. From Kendal.