08 August 2011

Sasha Festival 2011 - post 6

I finally found time to take pictures of all the official festival souvenirs. Hopefully I didn't miss anything; searching my bags and my memory, I came up with the following:

Registration -- tote bag, festival booklet, auction booklet, auction paddle, and nametag
Friday Workshops -- quilted pillow and fishing pole
Friday Luncheon: "An Afternoon at the Sangamon River" -- overalls and straw hat
Saturday Dinner: "An Edwardian Garden Party" -- dress, dress stand, and pinwheel
Sunday Brunch: "A Farewell to Springfield" -- gingham bag, Lincoln Logs, tights and shoes

Here are Desiree and Adeline wearing the outfits Boo and I received, which consist of a dress, white tights, and black shoes.

The dresses were on wooden stands, with a different fabric at each table and alternating colored ribbon sashes. Thus each dress was five-of-a-kind, with 18 different combinations. Boo and I sat side by side, so we have the same fabric but different sashes. The other 16 combinations are pictured below (click on a picture to see a larger version).

Here's a close-up of the bodice, showing the pintucks and buttons at the throat. I'm not sure if each button was different or if there were duplicates, but I saw a wide variety. I guess taking the buttons into account, that really makes each dress one-of-a-kind.

There were no table hostess gifts this year, but Boo and I did get a nice surprise from another mother/daughter pair: a floral headband for Boo, and Sasha notecards for me. I couldn't resist including them in this picture with the dresses and pinwheels, since they go so well with the "garden party" dinner theme.

We received overalls and a straw hat at our luncheon for the boys, and the fishing pole made at the workshops is the perfect accessory for an afternoon on the river.  Now that Gregor Hiker has found a new home in Switzerland(!) my lone "male" is Sigmund, who makes a perfect fishing lad. Boo and I made the pillows at the workshops too (fortunately they were  already pieced, though hand quilting was a challenge for both of us). The pastel boxes contained the shoes, while the gingham bags contained the tights and Lincoln Logs.

These tote bags are so large that they are tough to photograph. One side has a picture of a Gotz brunette in farm pants, while the other side is embroidered with "2011 Sasha Festival"; both sides are shown in this picture. Boo and I chose different fabric combinations so we wouldn't get our bags confused -- hers has the pink stripes.

And lastly, the paper goods from registration: the festival journal, auction catalog, auction paddle, and our nametags (there was also some Springfield literature which isn't pictured).


Serenata said...

Some great goodies there to remember the festival by!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Fran for the photos and follow-up. All these "extra" details are very much appreciated.

Kendal said...

I have once again thoroughly enjoyed all your fabulous festival photographs....(wish that they could go on forever.)
A million/trillion thanks for all your time and supreme effort.
They have made me feel yet again that I was there, meeting you all and enjoying the fun, not to mention bringing home those super souvenirs. Each year your festival photos always help to overcome my disappointment at not being able to attend... though hopefully I will beable to make next years and look forward to seeing you and Boo in person. Kendal.