13 January 2010

Meet Sigmund

I added two dolls to my wish list at the Sasha Festival, a dark black baby girl and a redhead Unisex Gotz. I have since added both to my collection. Cleo was introduced back in October, now it's Sigmund's turn. Before I introduce him, I'd like to share a picture of Jan's redhead Unisex, the doll I fell in love with in Rochester. Isn't he a stunner!

And now here's Sigmund, as close a facsimile as I could find. He's wearing his original Apres Ski outfit for these pictures. I've ordered a lederhosen outfit from Jean, and will post pictures of him wearing it when it's finished.

In spite of his Unisex status, "Ziggy" is going to be all boy at my house.

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