01 June 2010

Meet Lorrie

Lorrie is my most recent Sasha purchase, and has jumped to the head of the blog queue. She wasn't an intentional gift as I first inquired about purchasing her almost two months ago, but she arrived on my birthday. What a fun coincidence! She is a 1969 Brunette Side-Part Party with crisp clean face paint and slightly falling hair. She still has her gold tag and original outfit, minus footwear -- I found her a pair of replacement socks and appropriate shoes in my stash.

I discovered how photogenic she is this morning, and adore her sweet expression.

Her face paint is particularly exceptional and looks brand new: no lip rubs, great coloring, and wonderful eyes with the outlined iris and pinprick pupils.

This was a Sasha birthday for me in more ways than one. My friend Tina (AKA dollydetroit) sent pinwheels for my "Five Amigos", and Boo's two dolls as well. I will try to photograph them all in a future post, but for now here's Lorrie checking out one of the pinwheels.

And my Mom surprised me with a box of handmade goodies, including clothing she knitted for my Sashas from the Golden Hands patterns (which I didn't even know she'd purchased). I will share pictures of these in a future post as well.

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Lauri said...

Happy Birthday, Francine! What sweet friends you have and such a loving mother! My mother thinks I'm ridiculous and wasteful for having Sashas. It sounds like you had a great day. You're a lucky girl! :) :)