04 June 2010

1969 Brunette Parties

My favorite posts involve comparison photos of my dolls. I love to see (and share) the similarities and differences between the "same" dolls. Here is my new Lorrie with Lilith, another 1969 side-part Party. That's not a ding on Lilith's nose, just a light reflection; her vinyl is far less matte than Lorrie's.

Just for fun, here are Pandora, Lorrie, and Lilith ... pretty maids all in a row. Pandora (who I originally called Layla) is from 1968, and has almost-black brunette hair. She was most likely originally a Gingham, but was dressed in Party attire by her previous owner.

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Lauri said...

I really enjoy your comparison posts, too. I find the differences and similarities fascinating! :) Pandora is a stunner. I think it's that black hair, oxidized lips, and dark brown eyes combination. The other two have a more muted and almost monochromatic brown effect. (LOL - so do I!) Pandora is striking in her contrasts.