27 May 2009

Meet Pandora

Pandora is my most recent Sasha purchase, and has jumped to the head of the blog queue. I bought her as a birthday present for myself, and thus it seemed appropriate to introduce her on my birthday. Isn't she a beauty?!

Her original stringing (white arms, striped legs) and almost-black brunette hair indicate she is from 1968. But Dorisanne Osborn's book notes that "A factory created side part was used on some of Sasha Brunette 'Party' (4-108) made in 1969-1970." Since she is not wearing her original clothing, I can think of two possibilities: she was either a very early Brunette Party, or a Brunette Gingham with an atypical side part. It doesn't matter to me either way, as she is a truly lovely doll regardless. I like her as a Sasha Party, since she makes a nice foil for Lilith, my other brunette side part.

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