17 November 2009

Meet Giselle

Giselle is a very special Sasha doll. She is my first "no philtrum" (this groove between the nose and upper lip was added to the mold in 1968), and will probably be my only one since they are hard to find and quite expensive. As a redhead, she started life as either a "dungarees" or a "ballet". For a change of pace from my other early redheads (who all came to me with their original dungarees clothing), I've dressed her in a Repro Ballet Outfit from Ruths Dolls.

Giselle's neck/leg stringing is fairly loose, but she can stand by herself. And I'm still working on taming her hair, especially her bangs. She's beautiful now, and with a little work I'm sure she'll be even more spectacular.

Here's a final shot of her eyes. I just love her feathery lashes.

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Unknown said...

Hi , I have a Sasha ballet doll . She was bought for me when I was around 6 years old , I was born in 1961 .