28 October 2009

Sasha Festival 2009 - post 6

I said that post 5 was my last post about the festival, but I've decided to add one more. Now that I have a Sasha baby to model them, I can share the two baby outfits that I won.

The first outfit was made by Geraldine Brodt for the Children's Fund Auction. It's a sweet pastel plaid dress with tights ...

... and a pale pink coat and bonnet. The coat/bonnet fabric reminds me of my childhood blanket.

Geraldine donated several handmade outfits to the auction, and had a table in the sales room as well. I especially admired her ethnic African outfits and jewelry (they were modeled after the clothing of a certain country, which I can't recall right now). She has a website in progress SASHA Couture by Geraldine, or can be reached via email.

I won the second outfit in the Helper Raffle. I'm not sure who donated it, but it has a tag from The Doll Carriage (a now-defunct doll shop in New Hampshire).

I think Cleo needs a different hair ribbon (or perhaps ribbons) for when she wears pastels. I guess I need to sort through my sewing supplies and see what I can come up with.

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