07 May 2009

Bavarian Outfit

I posted previously about two folk costumes I purchased off eBay. I have since purchased a third, this time a Bavarian style outfit. It was made by the very talented Susan Waite from Australia (eBay seller chirnside), who also made my Swedish folk outfit. She makes such high-quality outfits with an eye for detail, and is very friendly in her communications. I feel fortunate to own two of her creations.

Here's a closer look at the vintage trim on the cap. The rest of the colors coordinate so nicely with the copper and gold roses. It really pulls together all of the pieces in the outfit.

Here are the Bavarian and Swedish outfits together, being modeled by Muriel and Lucinda (my two Gotz no-navels). They both have a cap and an apron, but the colors and styles are very different -- and yet equally charming.

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