20 April 2009

Meet Desiree (before)

Desiree is another eBay find. She wears a gold wrist tag, and from her stringing I believe she is from 1969. I'm pretty sure she's wearing her original brown cord dress (which is damaged at the hem), though her pants, socks, and shoes are long gone. She is too floppy to stand, or even hold her head up properly. Fortunately that will be fixed soon as she's currently traveling to Pat's Spa for restringing along with Hayley and Hester (who hasn't been introduced yet).

I still need to clean/style her hair and decide what to do about her clothes, but I can see the potential that she holds in her beautiful blue eyes and pink lips.

UPDATE: I don't need to worry about Desiree's hair, as Pat is going to wash it. I sent her three dolls, and in addition to restringing she's giving them her spa treatment (washing and drying their hair and washing their bodies inside and out) and removing some marks from their bodies. I can't wait to see them, as I'm sure she will do a fantastic job with their restoration. Look for future posts on all three dolls once they return from Florida.

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