02 March 2009

Meet Carmen #2

Last fall I noticed a Carmen for sale on eBay that looked quite different from the Carmen I own. Her hair had been styled into two braids, but I knew the difference was more than that. Her clothes were slightly different, and her eyes were different, especially the shape. I communicated with the seller (afewdolls, who I've purchased several dolls from in the past) who kindly sent me a couple of comparison photos of this Carmen with another that she had. Here is one of those photos (note that I am not the owner of either of these dolls):

Wow, what a difference! Since then, I've been looking closely at the Carmens for sale on eBay, and recently purchased a second Carmen for myself. In the long run I may not keep them both, but it will be hard to choose between them if I decide one must go. Here is Carmen #2:

As I mentioned in a previous post, Carmen is is a "Numbered Artist Design". This doll's certificate says she's #314 (while my first Carmen is #752). Thus Carmen #2 was earlier in the production than Carmen #1.

Now the fun part -- comparing my two Carmens. They have more subtle differences in their eyes than the dolls above. Carmen #1 (on the left) has pinprick pupils, while Carmen #2 has larger pupils, and larger eyes as well.

Here's a close-up of the eyes, which are slightly different colors:

Their outfits are made of different materials. Carmen #1 (on the left) has a lighter blue sweater with a finer knit, and a blue and white checked skirt. Carmen #2 has a heathered blue sweater with a coarser knit, and a plaid skirt.

Carmen #2 seems to have slightly thicker hair, though I may be fooled by her thicker braid (in this final picture they've switched places and Carmen #2 in on the left).

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