01 November 2008

Meet Carmen

This is a doll after my Dad's heart -- her hair is long enough to sit on.

Carmen is a pale-skinned "modern" doll, produced in 2001. Her light colored hair and eyes accentuate her light colored skin, giving her a very different look from my other Sasha dolls. She seems Scandinavian to me. My other "modern" dolls (Stella and Anika) have brown hair, which I think helps counterbalance their lighter skin.

While she isn't a limited edition doll, she has a folder and certificate similar to Ira's (who was also produced in 2001). The front of the folder indicates she is a "Numbered Artist Design". Her certificate says "No __" with 752 written in pen (while Ira's says "No __ of 750" with 168 written in pen).

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