10 November 2008

Sasha Addict!

There is no longer any question in my mind -- I'm addicted. As you will see from my upcoming posts, my Sasha collection has branched out quite a bit from my original intentions: a doll or two to play with plus a dozen Later Gotz to display, no make that 16 and add a 1960's showpiece ... I now own five "playing" dolls from the 1980's, 18 Later Gotz (almost all with their original outfits), three 1960's Trendon (plus my showpiece 1968 Fringe who is still on layaway), and four 1986 Trendon (their final year). I'm limiting myself to the number of dolls I can store in my new display case plus the "playing" dolls already in my possession. I'm still looking for a few specific dolls, then I'm going to have to stop buying. This will make both my husband and my bank account happy. I may need some sort of twelve-step program to help me resist temptation. Is there a Sahsas Anonymous? After all, a Sasha collection can never be truly "complete".

Here are a few pictures of my collection in the display cabinet:

Bottom Shelf

Middle Shelf (front row)

Middle Shelf (back row)

I'll be introducing the dolls who are currently on the top shelf in upcoming posts. I'm not including a group picture here, so as not to spoil the surprise when you meet them individually.

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