24 November 2008

Cool-Weather Clothing

I've been buying a bunch of fall/winter clothing for my dolls, most of it on eBay. When I saw this holiday folklore outfit from dfscarbrough, I knew it would be perfect for Cathy. Her short hair doesn't cover up any of the jacket's winter scene. I like how these trees are made of the same red calico fabric as the blouse.

Here's a view of the charming house on the back, complete with metallic stars in the sky.

I was hesitant to put this school girl outfit on Cybil at first (should redheads wear burgundy?), but think it looks marvelous. The turtleneck is actually a bodysuit which keeps it from bunching up (and also keeps people from seeing her panties -- very important if you ask Boo). It was made by eBay seller specialdelivery2006, who also made one of my lovely white with pink party dresses.

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