03 January 2015

A Very Gregor Christmas

All of Boo's dolls were dressed in red and green on Christmas Eve, awaiting the arrival of Santa. Little did they (or she) know what was in store on Christmas morning.

Boo asked if she could decorate a little tree for the dolls, and I agreed (this saved me having to do it myself once she was asleep, because I had a surprise planned). Here is how the tree looked when she went to bed, with a stocking for each of her dolls. The gifts under the tree are empty boxes just for show, but she put a few old items in the stockings: coins, a hat, a toy car... I intentionally rushed her so that she didn't have much time to set out gifts because that was part of my surprise.

Here is how the tree looked when I went to bed, with the addition of two Gregors, two more stockings, and lots of doll-sized wrapped packages.

Boo glanced at the little tree when she woke up, but didn't seem very excited. In fact, she was a bit miffed that I'd removed what she put in the stockings. She thought that the Gregors were mine and that I had created a scene for my blog with empty packages. Boy was she surprised to discover that the boys were hers and the wrapped packages all contained gifts for her dolls! I had labeled the packages with their names, so before she unwrapped her own gifts from under the big tree, Boo helped the dolls unwrap their gifts from under the little tree.

Unwrapping some new clothes for the boys from etsy shop A Passion for Sasha:

Kitty and Kelly helping to unwrap their gifts (with a view of both our trees in the background):

The babies in their new sleepers from etsy shop Nomacustom:

The boys redressed, getting acquainted with the girls:

And yes, the discovery that the boys can also become short-haired girls when desired.  :-)

When she told me she wanted a Gregor "some day", Boo came up with a list of prospective names: Daniel, Ethan, and Trevor. Of course she decided that none of those worked once she had dolls in hand, so names have not yet been determined. The current front runners are James for the brunette and Caleb for the blonde.

She has been playing dolls with a friend from the neighborhood the past few days, and having fun with the added dimension that males add. They can be brothers, boyfriends, husbands, fathers, kings, and even male house servants (apparently the girl dolls love having the boy dolls wait on them).


Marti said...

Really cute! I should have put up a small tree as I would have liked to have Santa leave me a new doll or two!

Dee said...

A perfect surprise especially to finding out that the Gregor's were actually hers.
Looks like Boo and her Sasha's had a great Christmas

Happy new year to you all from
the Sasha village Clan :)

DollMum said...

What a wonderful Christmas surprise for Boo and her girl and baby Sasha dolls - boys for her family. She does look pleased. It looks like you had a very happy Christmas. My girl plays with all 7 Sasha & Gregor dolls we have in our home (only Laura is hers) and is saving for a toddler (and I'd still like to add a blond or red-haired boy to the doll family).
Happy New Year

Theodora said...

Just gorgeous! I shall certainly put my stockings out next year and expect it to be filled with a Sasha or two! xxx Happy New Year

Ginger said...

A lovely Christmas post and so happy Boo had a great Christmas! The baby's outfits are wonderful and the Gregors look so handsome. Happy New Year!!

PrairiePosy said...

I love your new boy dolls, Boo! I like their new clothes, too. I hope I will see you this summer in Texas!

From Ella

Anonymous said...

Juhu Boo - such a surprise!
Hope you're finding names for the 2.lads!

Happy New Year to you!

Sharon said...

Oh how lovely for Boo to find the pressies were for her dolls and that the two boys were actually for her!!!! Such a lovely surprise.
I wonder what names she'll eventually settle on for them!
Hugs Sharon in Spain x

Sasharocks said...

How very colorful and wonderful. A delight to look at, indeed. I just happened to find a very cute little tree at our local Discovery Shoppe for about $2 and what a delight to decorate....still looking for a set or two of tiny lights! Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful moments in your life, Francine.

Kendal said...

Just how a Christmas morning should be....FULL of surprises for all.
Guessing that this will be a Christmas never to be forgotten.

How great to have the two lads finally join the family. I'm sure that they will provide such fun and laughter (as only the boys can do) over the years.

Let us know their names when they have finally been decided.

Beautiful little knitted Christmas stockings by the way.