08 November 2014

Baby Play Mat / Floor Gym

I was intrigued a while ago when Carol posted a picture on Facebook of a doll-sized play mat that she found on eBay. I did a bit of searching and found the seller -- and the fact that she also has an etsy shop, SewCute4U2 (coincidentally the shop owner's first name is also Carol). One of the joys of etsy is that you can request a custom order. The mat in Carol's picture looks to be the standard size available which is listed as sized for 7"-10" dolls. Its dimension are about 11"x11". 

photo credit Carol Bell Mitchell
Given that my Sasha babies are about 11" tall (closer to 11-1/2" to the tip of their toes), I wanted something a bit larger. I requested a custom order: we discussed it, she made a sample and showed me pictures, I picked fabric then waited for it to arrive. Easy peasy. It is here and I love it! As you can see, Madden loves it too; he's the first Sasha baby to play on it. The end result is roughly 13-1/2"x13-1/2". I like this little bit of extra room, which cost me $3 more than the standard size.

Carol posted another picture on Facebook last week, and I mentioned that I had a larger custom order in the works and would be blogging about it. She kindly allowed me to include her pictures in this post so that people can see the size comparison. She also noted that her mat fits nicely on a shelf, and that's something to consider if you have a display space that's 11" or 12" deep. I highly recommend this etsy shop and think you will be happy with either size if you choose to purchase one for yourself.

photo credit Carol Bell Mitchell


Carol MItchell said...

Obviously, I love the one I have and so do my babies. I was looking at them again intending to order another, and I'm going to try the larger size this time, too. Carol has lots of cute fabrics and all my dealings with her have been delightful. I think the babies look adorable in them - and they and I both have fun with them.

Serenata said...

Isn't that a fun mat! I remember making something similar for my son when he was a baby, but it was no where near as fancy as this! Spoilt Sasha babies. ;-)

DollMum said...

I remember my girls having similar playmats when they were babies, how lovely to have one made to fit the Sasha babies.

Ginger said...

Lovely play mats and thank you for the dimensions Francine! :)

Dee said...

They play mat and so well made. Thank you for sharing the information for the seller and her shop


PrairiePosy said...

So cute and sturdy looking! And just think of all the fun your Sasha Babies will have, since they'll never grow out of it!