17 August 2014

Dress Up

I brought home lots more things from the festival that I plan to take pictures of and blog about, but we've had no sunshine and/or very busy weekends lately. So ... I am interrupting festival coverage with some quickly taken pictures of Boo's dolls. She played dress up with them today, dividing them into girl-baby pairs each with a theme. She wanted to try other outfits (which she's doing as I type), so she asked if I would take pictures of them for posterity.

First up are Rose and Kelly dressed in "old fashioned" clothing.

Then Calla and Kitty in modern attire.

And finally Poppy and Madden showing their patriotic spirit.

I am soooooo happy that my daughter shares my love of Sashas. And I love seeing her creativity.


PrairiePosy said...

Love it all, especially the one red and one white shoes on Patriotic Sasha! Tell Boo that Ella and I had a Sasha play day today, too, but unfortunately, no pictures were taken!

DollMum said...

I know just how you feel - it is great when our daughters get stuck into good old fashioned doll play. I am relishing it this week as R is having loads of fun with her sister's dollshouse and with the Sashas, to appear on my blog in due course (i also am very time poor). R says 'hi' to Boo.

Kendal said...

Yes, it's truly wonderful that you can share your Sasha hobby with your daughter. It must be twice the fun I'm sure as can be seen from these latest photos here.
(The same applies to DollMum and her youngest daughter!)

I'm proud to say that my daughter too supports me with my Sasha hobby, though from a milage distance (living way down in the south of the UK) though more with the IT skills, photography and gift related items rather than doll play.

It certainly looks like Boo has created a super and individual Sasha fashion sense all of her own here and which I'm sure will stand her in good steed for her own clothing choices throughout her future!
Congratulations and well done!

PS. I too immediately noticed the trendy combination of the red and white shoes on Poppy and Madden.

Sharon said...

You're very lucky to have a 'built-in' dolly play mate in your daughter! It must be fun to share the dolly hobby! I am living in hope that one day my son will present me with a grandaughter and perhaps I'll have one too!
Love the outfit combinations, very pretty!
Hugs sharon in Spain x

Theresa O'Neill said...

Wonderful to see Boo's creations and lovely that she shares your love of Sasha dolls Theresa x

Dee said...

They all look lovely in their outfits, Boo as done a great job and shown off her stylist skills.

It's lovely to know that Boo will be leading the Sasha collectors of the future, along side her Mum.

Serenata said...

Lovely to see how Boo has dressed her dolls so stylishly. They all look fabulous and what fun you both must have together.

Ginger said...

Wonderful post of Boo's dolls and their colorful outfits. Having sons, I can only imagine how wonderful it must be to share the love of Sashas with your daughter! Thank you for sharing :) xxx

Doris from L.A. said...

Boo's creativity is wonderful! My grands were here from Chapel Hill, but didn't spend much time with my sashas, as they were running around outside with the neighbor sisters most of the time. Well, that's good, too.