08 July 2014

Sasha Festival 2014 - post 4

I like to take pictures of all of the festival souvenirs, as it helps me keep track of what came from which year. Here is a journal, plus Boo and my auction paddles and name tags, and little Arizona lunch boxes (which were keychains, but I removed the rings). The gorgeous Sasha rainbow artwork is by Phyllis Goedeke.

At registration we also received a plastic sleeve that contained three pieces of artwork, which I've shown with the information card for next year's festival that we received on Sunday.

At the workshops on Friday morning we made a scrapbook for Sasha/Gregor and a necklace for us. Boo completed her scrapbook, which is open with the plaid pages at the front of this picture. I assembled mine (the blue book with yellow ribbon at the back of the picture), but didn't have time to put things on the pages as I was busy taking pictures of the auction items. I brought home a picture sheet and some stickers and cutouts so that I can finish it eventually. We had a choice of pictures for the necklaces as well, with a different picture on both sides. Boo's is the redhead white dress (with babies on the back), and mine is the brunette and blonde (with a brunette pink party on the back).

As you probably know from my "Live from AZ" posts, we each received three festival outfits this year -- one for Sasha, one for Gregor, and one for a baby girl. The baby dresses were all unique, each made from a vintage towel. You can see how different Boo and my dresses are, with much clearer pictures here than the one I took at the festival (why do hotels feel that dinners should have "intimate" dimmed lighting?).

Aren't these the cutest matching Mondrian inspired outfits?! The fabric was specially printed for these festival outfits on Spoonflower, with a subtle Sasha and Gregor script in the red, blue, and yellow sections. Sigmund and Scarlett are modeling, as Sigmund is currently the only "male" doll in the household.

Some closer views of the Sasha outfit, which consists of a printed dress, white panties, a printed headscarf, white floral stockings, and white go-go boots:

Some closer views of the Gregor outfit, which consists of a printed shirt, royal blue shorts, and dark brown woven sandals:

The back of the shirt and dress are both solid black, like the collar and trim on the front.

Scarlett couldn't resist showing off the head scarf.

Here are Kelly and Kitty wearing the dresses that Boo and I received at Friday's dinner.

Boos' dress has a green stripe at the hem and embroidery on the skirt.

My dress has a tone-on-tone appliqué on the skirt, which creates a shaped pattern at the hemline.

I love the fit of the bodice with the curved sleeve.

The dresses also came with panties -- flashing baby alert.

I wish I had taken pictures of the dresses other people received at the dinner, but lighting was dim and I was supposed to sit at my table and accept bids on the centerpiece outfit. Plus the first helper drawing was going on, so a lot to pay attention to. I do have a couple of other photos I can use to show a bit of the variety. First is a picture of the dress that Tina received.

photo credit: Tina Gross
And here is a picture of the 10 dresses that Monica Jarpey of Macon Street Studio sewed. This was originally posted on the Macon Street Studio Facebook page, and is included here with permission.

photo credit: Monica Jarpey of Macon Street Studio
Reader submissions to show even more variety ...

Here is the dress that Laura received:

photo credit: Laura Osterdyk
photo credit: Laura Osterdyk

If anyone else has a picture of the baby dress they received that they'd like to share, email me a copy and I'll add it to this post.


Serenata said...

Lovely to see the close ups of the baby dresses Fran as it was difficult to get round and the lighting was pretty terrible wasn't it?!

Great close ups here.

Sharon said...

Looks like you both brought home some great goodies and souvenirs of the festival! And it was lovely that, by getting three outfits, no-one in the family could feel left out....
Love the artwork too, very nice!
Hugs Sharon in Spain

Kendal said...

How wonderful that all the baby dresses were 'One of a kind!' making them that extra little bit special. Must have been some task collecting all the necessary linen towels never mind the actual designing and sewing of them all.

Super idea of the commisioned Sasha/Gregor printed word material for the two 'big kids' Festival souvenier outfits.
Loving the little triangular white Sasha head scarf.