06 July 2014

Sasha Festival 2014 - post 3

Another really fun person that I met this year is David. I had a chance to chat with him on Friday evening, and learned that he helped out with the festival patterns -- the curve in the sleeve of the baby dress was his idea, and just perfect. He also made the stockings for the festival outfits, and probably some other things I don't even know about. David is a very talented designer, and co-owner of D.A.E Originals. I've heard he makes people clothes as well; boy would I love to wear one of his creations! He made some simply fantastic Sasha outfits to sell at the festival. Here is a picture of his sales table, all limited editions of one to three.

I had a hard time choosing between my two favorites, the White Tulle Bebe Chanel Dress Ensemble and the Mondrian Party Dress Ensemble, and wound up buying both. I know who owns the other copies of these outfits, and am a happy triplet and twin as they are ladies with good taste. Here I am with David when I bought my first dress, which I think sold out almost immediately.

And here is Tina with David when she bought a dress, right before I had earned enough money at my sales table and thus had enough cash to buy the other copy (two peas in a pod, she and I).

photo credit: Tina Gross
I took some pictures of these outfits at home today, with Raven as my model (I really need to make/find a dark colored background, as it would have helped a lot when I was photographing the white dress).

First, the tulle dress, black floral lace stockings, and black hairpiece (with Randall Craig shoes).

Second, the color-block coat, matching sleeveless dress, and pink stockings (also with Randall Craig shoes). Couldn't you just picture me wearing this outfit?


Serenata said...

How wonderful that you got these two superb outfits that really look a treat on your gorgeous girl. White is always difficult to photograph well and yes, need a different background to be able to fully appreciate the dress.

His clothes were certainly a treat to see.

Kendal said...

I now realise that I had previously caught a glimpse of both him and a couple of these wonderful creations somewhere amongst the many festival photos.

I'm so pleased that your sales table allowed you to buy them as you would have certainly regretted it afterwards.

Definitely agree that a non-white background is needed for these 'all white' occasions....although I guess that it could have been altered later using photoshop!

Sharon said...

Two gorgeous outfits, but I particularly love the second set, the bright colours are right up my street as they say! The perfect festival finds, in my opinion!
Hugs Sharon in Spain x

Ginger said...

Lovely post Francine! So happy you were able to snatch up David's gorgeous creations. Well done! xxx