30 June 2014

Sasha Festival 2014 - post 1

I lost my camera on the airplane on the way to Arizona. I took it out to take pictures of the Sasha babies in flight and it didn't make it back into my bag. So my family's pre-festival 'Amazing Arizona Adventure' started with a trip to Best Buy for a new camera - nothing fancy, as I was hoping my camera would be found later on the plane or in our hand luggage. I had to make do with the available camera, and my album will have to make do with the available pictures. Hopefully by next year I'll have been reunited with my old camera, figured this camera out, or replaced it with something better. Here is a slideshow of the entire album (I've included the good and the bad, but deleted the truly ugly):

Clicking on the picture below will take you directly to my Picasa album. There you can see my photos from this slideshow, along with descriptive captions. Feel free to email me or add a comment if you know of corrections or additional information for any of my captions.

Sasha Festival 2014

A few special things about this year's festival that you may notice from my pictures:
  • In addition to crafty workshops on Friday morning (where we made scrapbooks for Sasha and necklaces for us) there were Table Top Clinics on Friday afternoon - eight sessions to choose from, with four 20-minute rotations. Click HERE for a description of the clinic options we had to choose from.
  • There were two sets of Helper Items, with the first set drawn after Friday dinner and the second set drawn on Sunday morning.
  • At our group meals for Friday dinner and Saturday lunch, each table had a centerpiece outfit provided by the table hostess. Bid slips were collected at each table and the outfits were sold to the highest offer at the end of the meal. I did not keep track of how much each outfit was sold for. I think I got a picture of each of the centerpiece baby outfits on Friday, but not each of the outfits on Saturday.
  • Five CFA items that missed the deadline for submission were not sold via live bidding at the end of the auction, but were instead sold via silent auction that ended on Sunday morning.
  • There were only two group meals this year. Since the hotel had a nice breakfast included with the room, Jackie and Marti used the money they would have spent on  Sunday brunch for a third festival outfit.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for making me feel like I was there!!! KarenW

Serenata said...

Great post Fran and sorry to hear about your camera!

Kendal said...

I too am so very sorry to hear about the missing camera and am currently saying prayers to St Antony (who is the patron saint for missing or lost items) that it is returned to you very soon .....meanwhile many thanks for going out and buying another so that we can see your 'always excellent coverage' of the Sasha Festivals.

DollMum said...

what a nuisance about your camera - firstly because precious spending money for Sasha had to be spent on a replacement and secondly for the loss of photos of your journey. thank you for sharing all these wonderful photos of the festival.