17 May 2014

Sasha Festival 2013 - post 8

One final post showing items I brought back from the festival. These are the table hostess gifts that Boo and I received -- well gift, as I hosted a table on Friday and there were no hostesses on Sunday. Sheila was the Hostess with the Mostest, and stuck with the Childhood theme like I did ... toys, games, tote bag, toy box, and a red "superhero" cape (modeled by Adeline).

Sorry for the very belated post. I forgot to click the "publish" button back in August and didn't notice. I've been busy with my job (started in fall of 2012, with a long daily commute), kids, menagerie, and too much volunteering. ;-) Hopefully I'll be able to carve out more time for blogging in the not-so-distant future.


DollMum said...

So pleased to see you blogging again, even with a belated post. I'm looking forward to your posts of the 2014 festival. I can relate to the lack of time for blogging, I too have started a new job (at the same place but different department, and promotion) 3 weeks ago and have a big voluntary project to lead for the next 3 years, so I tend to read posts but haven't commented so much recently. I hope you and your family are well.

Kendal said...

Like DollMum I'm greatly looking forward to reading 'your always fantastic Festival posts' next month.
They always make me believe that I am there participating too and were a fab. help with knowledge of what these festivals were all about when it came to the 2012 UK one..... which is the only one that I will ever have had the good fortune to attend.

I bet that all the Sashas who were on Shelia's table on Saturday were 'over the moon' with all these super toys that she gave them. A wonderful collection, with something for the lads, girls and babies!