20 May 2014

Adios Amigos

These pictures of "The Five Amigos" (formerly three, then four) were taken at the same time as the pictures in my previous post. 

I wanted to document these five as a group one last time. Unfortunately I needed to sell a few dolls, since I'd decided to fund all new Sasha purchases through the sale of other Sashas. Hard to say goodbye, but two of these five are gone now, along with two babies (Cleo and an unnamed nightdress boy). Adios my lovelies, and best of luck in your new homes.


Serenata said...

Yes sadly sometimes it is the only way to fund new Sasha purchases (or trips to the Festival as in my case last year!) I am sure though that they are still being enjoyed by someone else, as you enjoyed them.

Kendal said...

Always a sad wrench when dolls have to leave when our needs demand/dictate but hopefully they will be just as happy in their new homes and it's a way for them to travel and see more of the world.