21 July 2013

Sasha Festival 2013 - post 6

I had a bit of time to start photographing the mountain of new things that came back from the festival with us. Yes mountain, as they fill most of one suitcase (luckily we had plenty of space on the return trip after giving table hostess gifts and selling four dolls at the sales table). I'm going to start with a post about the official festival souvenirs. We received two three-piece outfits this year each with socks and shoes, plus another special gift.

From Friday's luncheon: a studio style dress with half-slip and pantaloons, plain socks, and black shoes. Kathy Weisner oversaw the design and creation of the dresses; Jean Jensen made the shoes, with special thanks to Frankie Rice who helped make it possible.

At least some of the dresses were made from repurchased garments - I was delighted to discover a nicely placed logo on the inside bodice of Boo's dress. How posh!

From Saturday's dinner: a smocked dress with slip and panties, ruffled socks, and black patent shoes. Millie Dingham designed and created the dresses; Lisa Hartley made the shoes.

There were several different dress colors, and many different smocking patterns (perhaps all unique, as I don't believe I saw the same smocking pattern on any dress). Boo and I each received a pale purple dress, but with completely different smocking.

Even more amazing was that the BACK of the dress was smocked too. What a lot of work!

Also on every table at Friday's dinner were little Sasha-sized tote bags. A sticker on the back says "2013 Sasha Festival - Hugs from Annette, Linda and Brooklynn".

From Sunday's dinner: a special gift for the people instead of the dolls, silver charm bracelets with a 2013 Sasha Festival charm. Heidi also gave an additional charm to each of the people she thanked for helping with the festival. I plan to look for suitable charms to commemorate the other four festivals I've attended, then add a new one for each festival in the future.

In addition to the mealtime gifts, there were several other official souvenir gifts that every attendee received. At registration we picked up our name tags, festival journals, and auction information. We each chose a little teddy bear too, which the dolls are holding in the pictures with the studio style dresses.

We also got nifty shoulder bags with a pocket designed for carrying a Sasha doll (you likely noticed these in some of my festival pictures). They were designed and made by Nancy Clem. I believe they were two-of-a-kind, since I spotted two (but only two) of many of the patterns.

Our final souvenirs came from the workshops. Neither Boo nor I were able to complete our felt animals as I was busy taking pictures and couldn't manage to even get the needle threaded for her. I've laid one set out so you can get the gist - something for us to work on when we're feeling crafty.

I didn't complete my worry doll either, but Boo made hers while I was roaming around the room. Cute! As you can see they're pretty tiny, roughly 2-1/2 inches tall.

Boo made necklaces and bracelets for all three of her babies, and I sat still long enough to bead a couple of necklaces too. Hard to read with the black beads between the letters, so I will likely redo them (sigh, I'm such a crafting failure).


Serenata said...

Oh how lovely you both got the soft lilac dresses, I loved that colour especially! They really were special weren't they? All the souvenir gifts were awesome though and I can only say a huge thank you to all who contributing to them - a tremendous effort.

Sharon said...

Such wonderful things to come home with Fran and Boo, and great photos of them too. I have really enjoyed viewing your photos of the festival and seeing everyone enjoying themselves. Thanks so much for sharing!
Here's to next year then!
Hugs Sharon in Spain xx