13 July 2013

Sasha Festival 2013 - post 2

Whew, what a whirlwind day!!

After a quick breakfast it was time for crafty workshops. I spent most of my time taking pictures, but here's proof that I am capable of creative output on occasion - I made these outfits for Ted's Pinafore Challenge a couple of years ago.

Here's Boo sifting through the bead container. She made necklaces and bracelets for all her babies. There were also kits to sew a little felt frog and turtle, and make a little "worry doll".

I got to spend some time with my bestest-Sasha-friend Tina, who multitasked crafting with texting.

Boo and I were table hostesses at today's luncheon. We shared a table with Dawn and several wonderful festival newbies. The gifts we gave are tucked inside the miniature milk crates - I'll save the details for a later post. We each received an outfit from the festival as well: a studio-style dress, slip, and pantaloons, plus socks and Jean Jensen shoes. Unfortunately I haven't taken any pictures of the outfit yet, but will try to include it in tomorrow's post.

Lunch was followed by a presentation by Anne Votow about Sasha in advertising. Susanna was unable to make it due to weather-related flight cancellations, so Anne stepped in and did a marvelous job .

She had slides, and also a display with various products that used Sasha dolls in their advertising.

Someone asked Anne to pose with the display, and I managed to capture this happy picture.

Anne then asked Ann to join her (Ann had helped a bit with the presentation). I joked it was just two Anns, so Anne included Susanna in absentia. They really are a great trio, and not just when it comes to writing Sasha books.

Next was the Yankee Gift Exchange, lots of lovely gifts waiting to be opened ... and occasionally swapped.

There was a swap for the kids first, then Boo proceeded to play with her new friend and their new goodies.

She helped me choose a gift when it was my turn. I didn't realize until I transferred photos to my iPad this evening that someone (Tina?) took pictures of us walking back to our seat.

We bought tickets for the helper items and raffle dolls and I took more pictures. Lots more; it's going to take a while to add labels and create my slideshow and photo album after the festival this year. After a quick dinner it was time for the Children's Fund Auction. The preliminary tally was $8641 raised! Great to see Elliot again this year, helping show the items during the auction.

Boo helped out too. Here she is with a basket of some of the sweaters make in Erica McLeod's memory - 39 sweaters by various knitters were created for this effort.

We won two auction items. Boo asked me to bid on this sweet baby outfit, a romper made by Carol Mitchell and bolero and booties by Erica.

I couldn't resist the Wizard of Oz costumes made by Geraldine Brodt. Hopefully I can get them home in my luggage safely. Given what successfully made it home from England with us last year, it shouldn't be too much of a problem

I took this picture of Boo's babies while she was in the shower. Kelly has changed into the new auction outfit; Boo decided she must be a wealthy baby to have such nice clothes. I'm not sure if you can read all their necklaces, but Kitty's says "BOOS DOLL", Kelly's says "PRIZE DOLL", and Madden's says "COOL DOLL". Boo is sleeping soundly as I finish typing this post, and it's time for me to do the same.


Kendal said...

What a shame that Susanna's flight had had to be delayed on account of the weather. Will she beable to make it there today.

Well done Anne for stepping in to fill the gap. That would have been a talk and demonstration that I would have liked to have seen, heard and photographed.

I finally have one of the Lindt chocolate posters, after bidding several times over the years, and now have it framed and hanging on one of my walls. I just love it.

Still after a Lindt chocolate wrapper though as haven't as yet been as successful there.

Seeing all today's events is bringing back delightful memories of the 2012 UK Festival.

Looking forward to seeing the Festival sudio-style gift outfit on your next post.

Great to see that Boo has made a little friend there.

Thanks again for these photos.
Please give my love to Tina.

Sharon said...

What a lovely time you're all having, lucky you!!! And some very nice purchases etc in your photos! Your little girl certainly is having fun if her beautiful smile is anything to go by!
I look forward to seeing more of you photos!
Hugs Sharon in Spain x

DollMum said...

My girl and I enjoyed reading your post while we ate our breakfast (one advantage of the time difference). Hi to multitasking Tina who at last year's festival won the item I donated to the Children's fund auction. My girl was admiring the necklaces Boo made for her babies, while I was thinking how much Boo has grown since this time last year (while my girl is at last sprouting, she is still much shorter than many of her friends). It looks like the talk which Anne gave was fascinating, I wish someone had a video camera on a tripod at each festival to capture the talks and put them on YouTube as they are so very interesting.

DollMum said...

I forgot to say the Wizard of Oz set of outfits is just brilliant, I'm glad you won them.

Tina Gross said...

Francine, you did such an amazing job with capturing and recounting the festival for both those who could not attend AND for those who did attend..

SO much work goes in to all of the photos and captions and organizing etc etc...(not to mention the over-the-top hostess gifts that you create!!)

Thank you for all of your hard work. One of these years you will have to set aside your camera and just relax and enjoy the festival.