21 April 2013

Same But Different

I took this picture to share with a friend and felt it was too sweet not to share here as well. Did I really need to buy a second 1970 brown-eyed redhead no-navel? Most decidedly yes! The hair differences are obvious, but I also see such different personalities in these two.

I'll make a formal introduction after I find time and energy for a photo shoot. Hopefully enough time and energy for a double photo shoot... Did I really need to buy two new 1970 brown-eyed no-navels, both a blonde and a redhead? ;-)


Dee said...

Of course you did! we love the no navels and we love the red's!
They do look different which is why you needed both! :)

Kendal said...

As the old saying goes....
'You can never have too much of a good thing!'
So yes, you did!