03 November 2012

Meet Jessica (before)

Mother Nature isn't cooperating with my picture taking efforts. These pictures were taken last weekend when the weather was cloudy due to Hurricane Sandy. I was hoping to retake them this weekend but there's still no sunshine. My biggest complaint is that the colors are off from having to turn on lights, so perhaps it's time to invest in some "natural light" lightbulbs.

This lovely lady is a 1966 np with the developmental eye style. Her brows have silvered, but I think that just adds to her striking appearance. She is in desperate need of a cleaning and restringing (she's leaning against the wall here so she doesn't topple over) which will hopefully happen soon. I figured I'd share a few pictures first, and showcase a new outfit at the same time. Marti Murphy made the dress and coordinating shoes (and undergarments too, which you can't see). It is similar to the ribbon dress that I won in the Childrens' Fund Auction, but the fabric has been dyed.

I probably should have ironed the dress or at least made sure it hung nicely in all the photos, but I was preoccupied with keeping Jessica upright and trying to avoid bad shadows. This was one of the better shots otherwise though, so I decided to include it.

Even with sketchy lighting she's a very pretty doll in a very pretty dress.


Serenata said...

She is really gorgeous Francine, what a very special girl to have!

Dee said...

A lovely girl, she looks to have a wide face?
The dress suits her and is a beautiful colour and style.

Kendal said...

A simply stunning and beautiful wide faced Frido Np. Is she a Ballet girl or a Dungaree lass with a FCP?
Another lovely Ribbon dress. Lucky you.
Sasha love from Kendal.

franberry said...

She came to me nude with no hints about her past life. In her present life she is my special playmate. :-)

Anonymous said...

She is stunning Francine, you are so lucky to have her! She really is quite charming!
Cathy x

Theodora said...

Hi Francine, what a beautiful girl! I just love her face. I am very fond of the wide-faced Sashas! You are very lucky. xxx Karin

Theodora said...

Hi again, I meant to say that I find this 'ribbon dress' very intriguing! Who makes such garments? Very individual and very effective. xxx Karin

franberry said...

The dress was made by Marti Murphy from vintage fabric that she dyed purple.