14 October 2012

Birthday Girl

Boo's birthday was a couple of weeks ago. One of her gifts was matching tops for her and her Sashas from Jackapotamus/Sashapotamus. I was worried she might declare that nine was too old for dolls, but luckily that didn't happen. Not only did she wear her "pirate bear" shirt to school the next day (with leg bone leggings!), but she brought her babies in their onesies too.

Kitty and Madden traveled to and from school in a basket, then hung out in the kitchen later like the basket was a playpen.

The next week she and Kitty and Calla went to school wearing pink kittens. I custom-ordered the onesie specifically for Kitty, and Boo was thrilled with it.

They also traveled in the basket and hung out in it for several days afterward in Boo's bedroom.

I'm glad that nine still isn't too old to play with (and dress like) dolls.


Kendal said...

A very belated happy 9th birthday to you, Boo.
Love your and your dolls new T-shirts. One of my Gregor lads has a grey long sleeved one with a red motor scooter printed on the front and he thinks he's 'the Bee's-knees!'
Sasha love from Kendal.

Anonymous said...

Belated Happy 9th Birthday to Boo from us here too! Love the photos of Boo and her matching
t-shirts/onesies, so glad to see that she's still enjoying her Sasha dolls and took them to school too!
love Cathy & Betsy xx

DollMum said...

I am glad 9 isn't too old for dolls too. belated happy birthday to Boo from me and my little girl, to be 9 after Christmas. she too has fun with her dolls and would love a red head Sasha for Christmas, i am counting the pennies!