26 September 2012

Meet Elin

I used some (rare) free time over the weekend to play with my Sasha dolls. I changed clothes on a few of the girls and photographed a couple of the babies. Since I now have pictures, I can make another introduction. This is the second of my Sasha babies, a sexed brunette from the early 1970's who I call Elin. She retains her original nightdress, diaper, and blanket, as well as her large silver wrist tag.

I know I'm biased, but I think she's one of the most adorable Sasha babies I've ever seen. I love her full head of nicely-shaped hair (which is a bit dry/delicate but doesn't seem to be falling) and her wide face.

Up next, her male counterpart ...


Kendal said...

A dear little tot with a lovely, unusual name.
I'm sure that she'll be very happy living there with you and Boo.
Sasha love from Kendal.
PS. Look forward to meeting her brother.

franberry said...

Elin's name was inspired by Ellen in Maine, just with an alternate spelling. My 70's dolls have E names, all with four letters - Esme, Enid, Elin, and Erik. (Baby Cleo being the exception, though I've started calling her Enya now.) I may be considered odd with my naming conventions, but there are soooo many names to choose from that having some parameters helps narrow my options.