03 August 2012

London 2012

I recently wrote an article about the 2012 Sasha Festival for the Sasha Friends newsletter and wanted to include a picture of the festival outfit. I'd taken a few quick photos of the entire outfit while I was still at the hotel (so that I wouldn't have to wait to return to the US before posting pictures), but knew I could do a better job than those. I dressed my '68 waif Adeline in the full outfit with the red warmup suit (which is Boo's but I though it would make for nicer contrast than my white warmup), and took her to the outdoor track at my kids' school for a photo session. It seems appropriate to share some of those pictures now, while the Track and Field events are still in full swing at the Olympics.

If you aren't already a Sasha Friends subscriber, consider becoming one. There are currently two issues a year at a cost of $10 in the US (slightly higher elsewhere to cover the additional postage). You can email Shari Sams for payment information. I know the upcoming issue is going to contain lots of information about the recent Sasha Festival, including an article by me and a little something from Boo too.


DollMum said...

Thanks for the heads up about the magazine, I had heard of it at the festival, but didn't know how to subscribe.

Adeline looks great in the Olympic outfit, all ready to do some athletics - I hope she wins her race.

Kendal said...

Brilliant idea and location for showing off the UK Festival outfit.
Suits Adeline to a 'T'.
Particularly like the way you have shown the track suit bottoms being pulled out from the sports bag.
Hope that her running practice session goes well. Were you acting as her trainer? How was her time?
Sasha love from Kendal....who hopes to read the Sasha article 'blogged' here later this year!?!?