19 August 2012


Today is my Mom's birthday - Happy Birthday GramMarion!

As a birthday gift to her, I thought it would be fun to share the birthday gifts that she's been sending to me. You see, my presents have been mom-made doll clothes. She used to knit and crochet clothes for my Barbie dolls when I was young, but now is creating clothes for my Sasha dolls. I am such a lucky girl!

Three years ago she bought a set of the Golden Hands patterns on eBay and surprised me with several outfits for my birthday. Aren't they marvelous?!

Last year my Mom had been testing knitting patterns for Susanna Lewis, so I received the items that she made - a ribbed sweater and an assortment of socks (these patterns are in the new book Sasha Dolls, Clothing and Patterns). The chest of drawers in this picture was part of Kendal's table hostess gift at the recent Sasha Festival in Stratford. I haven't introduced this girl yet, but you may know her as Shelly's model Addison - now renamed Raven.

This year she created crocheted summer jackets, modeling them after a jacket that my Grandmother made for one of my Mother's dolls when she was a child. I think I have seven different colors of the jacket, plus one made up without sleeves as a little cape. Alas I ran out of photography time today, so here is a picture from Stratford. Alison is wearing the cape, while Calla, Rose, and Kitty have on three of the jackets. I'll post more pictures at some point in the future.

Thanks Mom!


wpooh012644 said...

Fran, what a lucky girl you are. The knits from your mother are priceless. You've got a real gem there. Treasure your mom as long as you can.

Birthday wishes to that special lady in your life.

Kendal said...

Firstly wishing your mother a belated happy birthday and please congratulate her on her gorgeous Sasha knitting. I did notice the delightful little pink cape on one of your dolls at the festival.
Was thrilled to see that the little wooden chest has been put to good use.
The Golden Hands knitting leaflet was the very first one that I had for my Brood and my friend Kate knitted up several of the cable jumpers (shown in your first photo) in different colours... although the very first came out way too large so it was worn as a dress as well as an elongated jumper over leggings.
Sasha love from Kendal.

Sarah said...

So it was YOU who bought Addison!!
Fran give your wonderful Mother my very best birthday wishes and tell her I think she is amazing and I also have some of those items still now in my little case that a wonderful lady knitted for my Sashas when I was very young and I had the Golden Hands patterns too then and still have now!
What a marvellous lady she is and how I miss my Mum who also shared my love for the dolls and indulged me by keeping an eye out for ribbons or doll sized items. Have a wonderful time together.
Love to you all,
Sarah xxx