04 August 2012

A July 4th Barbeque

There were three raffle dolls at the recent Sasha Festival in Stratford, including Amelia the American Doll, which was put together by a group of people (mostly) from the US.

Amelia was won by Laura Horner from the UK, and couldn't have gone to a more deserving person. The look on her face when they announced the winner was priceless (see the picture included in a blog post by DollMum). Not only is she a sweet lady, but she takes incredible photographs of scenes with her dolls; Laura contributed a fantastic picture book to the Children's Fund Auction. Rather than privately enjoying her prize, she created a July 4th Barbeque scene utilizing the raffle items and shared pictures with the Sasha_Mart Yahoo group. I asked Laura if I could repost here on my blog, and she kindly agreed. As the English would say, "smashing".


As a big thank you to all my friends across the pond who made those wonderful things for the American Invasion festival prize, here is the results of what must have been my largest photoshoot to date. 17 dolls in total, as many as possible dressed in the new outfits having a fantastic time on Independence Day - making full use of yes that barbeque! Amelia as you can see is really at home here in Devon and as well as introducing a few customs for the states is learning a few of ours. I tried to get most things in, some were adapted for the occasion, some had a contemporary twist: all were beautiful. Thank you once again for all your hard work and a very happy July 4th 2012 Independence Day.
Laura x

The Whole Party

Saba and Her Dog Scooby

Enjoying the Music

And the Band Played On

Square Dancing

Good Food and Drink For All

Learning to Play Conkers

Flipping Burgers!

That Barbecue!

Amelia Meets Saba's Dog Scooby


Laura said...

What a treat! Thank you for posting the photos on your blog.

Kendal said...

A wonderful way of showing her appreciation of winning such a superb raffle.
Must have taken ages to set up such an interesting scene.
Sasha love from Kendal.

Tina Gross said...

This is soooo awesome!! I love it!