29 July 2012

Sasha Serendipity

One of my favorite things about going to festivals is being able to see my dear friend Tina in person. We live on opposite coasts and thus settle for email the rest of the year. Here is a picture of us from this year's festival, taken by Tina's husband Jason on our way to Friday dinner.

Tina won a navy blue jumpsuit in the Helper Drawings at the festival. Neither of us recognized it at first, but assumed it was an original item of clothing due to the metal zipper. It made us both smile when she realized it was part of the Gregor "Jumpsuit" outfit. You see, she already had a bandanna from our table hostess gifts at the 2010 Sasha Festival. A special bandanna; each of these bandannas were linked by their origin, as Tina had cut and sewn them from a piece of dealer replacement fabric. And she had similar shoes from her "Sailing Suit" doll - all she needed were red and white striped socks. I had a pair I bought from The Doll Works, which I sent her to complete the outfit. She emailed me this picture of her Gregor "looking like a million bucks".

Then she thought of something and emailed me another picture. I'd won a striped hat in the Children's Fund Auction at the 2009 Sasha Festival. Tina's Gregor was wearing a striped shirt at the time, so he borrowed the hat to look like "Where's Waldo". I wound up giving him the hat because it suited him so well. Now three years later I'd given him more red and white stripes.

Sometimes things were just meant to be.

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Kendal said...

I knew that you and Tina were friends from your previous Sasha Festival posts (didn't you and Tina hostess together with those delightful little white and red tote bags filled with goodies?) but hadn't realised that you lived so far apart. So sorry then that you weren't both able to sit together at the table that I was hostessing. If I'd have known I would have exchanged places with you on the second part of the meal.
Really enjoyed meeting you both over the weekend and was 'over the moon' at winning Tina's CFA dress set.
Sasha love from Kendal.