28 June 2012

Sasha Festival 2012 - post 8

Here are pictures and descriptions of the auction items that Boo and I won:

(24) PAIR OF GREEN SHOES made and donated by Rosie Bloomfield. Worked in pale green leather, the sandals have a diamond open work pattern on the front and close with studs at the side.
(55) PAIR OF RED SHOES made in red leather with a side fastening and donated by Rosie Bloomfield. The shoes have their own matching shoe box.

(32) TURQUOISE SUNDAY BEST. A joint donation with a flowered cardigan knit by Lora Garrison coordinated with a turquoise dress smocked and sewn by Norvell Jones. Outfit includes underpants, socks, and burgundy Mary Janes.

(50) BERIBBONED BEAUTY made and donated by Marti Murphy. The dress is vintage cotton eyelet with various coloured ribbons threaded on the bodice and skirt. Petticoat, underpants and socks included with peach shoes donated by Jean Jenson.

(51) BABY DOLL AND CRIB donated by Dawn Law. The blonde baby has a beautiful pink decorated crib with mattress, pillow, fleece blanket, and coverlet. The baby has a white sleep suit, with a white smocked dress and panties, petticoat and pink shoes. (Baby Kitty is wearing the second outfit in this picture.)

(79) PRAM SET knitted and donated by Sue Palmer. The set comprises a jacket with ribbon accent, leggings, bonnet, mitts, and includes a wrap over vest and panties.

(86) GARDEN FURNITURE and depression glassware by Carolyn and Dominic Ruscio, donated anonymously. (This is from the 2000 Sasha Festival held in Huddersfield.)

I originally planned to include sales table and other items in this post, but am going to save that for tomorrow when I have more time to sort through photos.


Serenata said...

Great items you won Fran. I've only just got home after a lovely unexpected extended stay with Sarah P. Now got to sort through my goodies...nothing quite as glamorous as yours as I only had £20 to spend! But nonetheless they are fun things.

franberry said...

Goodies are goodies, regardless of cost. ;-) Last year I won nothing in the auction and only bought things for Boo at the sales tables, so I made up for it this year. I'm extremely jealous of your extended stay with Sarah - I'm hoping I can do that on my next visit to England.

Anonymous said...

Super items.
I'm afraid that I haven't got around to trying on the clothing that I both bought and won. Saving that until the adrenalin rush has died down and I need a Sasha fix next week.
Lovely finally meeting you and Boo. Have always admired your blog posts, especially the follow ups to the Sasha festivals.
Sasha love from Kendal.

DollMum said...

I'm glad you got those lovely dresses and shoes, I would have loved to have bid for them, but my budget was severely restricted by too many big important expenses for my big daughter this year, so I just enjoyed watching others bid.

Julie said...

Dreamy items. You were definitely able to make up for last year:)