24 June 2012

Sasha Festival 2012 - post 5

Hard to believe that the festival is already over. Usually I have to rush out to catch a flight right after Sunday's brunch, but this year I'm able to hang out for another day. The only event was "brunch", but that always lasts several hours since it includes thank-yous, mention of the contest winners, an invitation to next year's festival, and the helper item and doll raffles. We sat at one of the big round tables, so there was plenty of room for dolls to stand and watch us eat. You can see our fantastic table hostess gift on the left - Calla and Alison couldn't wait to try on the masks.

We received the rest of our festival outfit - embroidered warm-up suits in red, white, or blue, a Union Jack tote bag, and a little gold medal. Now we have a whole uniform for the upcoming London 2012 Olympics! Ours are different colors; Boo's box contained a red warm-up and a red-trimmed bag, while mine contained a white warm-up and blue-trimmed bag.

Anna Doggart brought her Pierrot to brunch, so I was able to get a close look at this fantastic guy. They never really appealed to me in pictures, but wow is he gorgeous in person.

After we finished eating, Dawn passed the figurative baton to Heidi, who spoke briefly about next year's festival. It will be held July 11-14 at the Drawbridge Hotel in Northern Kentucky (as she says, "The Southern Side of Cincinnati"), with the theme "Return to Childhood". Start saving your pennies!

Boo helped run items and pull numbers for the raffles. I didn't win anything, but she won a dog-themed shorts outfit that she plans to put on baby Puppy. Then it was time to start saying goodbyes to new and old friends ... until we meet again. I don't have many photos of myself from the festival, but perhaps people will share some with me later. I did hand my camera to others for a few special pictures with online friends that I was finally meeting in person. Such a fantastic experience.

We lingered in the lobby and said goodbyes to as many people as we could when they departed. Time for one last photo of the baby display, this time with Boo and her babies, before it was all packed up.

We spent the early afternoon in the room, Boo watching TV and me frantically organizing and photographing our loot. I may manage a few more posts before we head home, but won't have a picasa album/slideshow together until then. We did a bit of shopping, picking up bread, cheese, and fruit for dinner, plus three pieces of Liberty fabric for future sewing efforts. And we did a bit of chatting, both while we were out shopping and in the hotel lobby. We're both tired, so we called it an early night. Lots of packing to do in the morning, then we're off to tea at Dawn's house.


DollMum said...

It was awesome to meet you and Boo at last - I'm honoured to be included in the "few special pictures with online friends that I was finally meeting in person" part of your blog - weren't the girls funny about not smiling for the camera (its always tough to say 'goodbye' after a good time together). Have a safe journey home.
I'm busy working through all my photos and will start blogging (in a festival series) soon.

Anonymous said...

Please 3 times blog tea too!!!!!!
xxx (also 3 times) -- Meg

franberry said...

I'll see what I can do. :-)