23 June 2012

Sasha Festival 2012 - post 4

I had tea, toast, and pastries again this morning, but Boo started her day with a full English breakfast.

The "programme" listed on the schedule for the morning turned out to be two more wonderful presentations. First, Marie Morgan talked about Studio Dolls, assisted by her daughter who ran the slide show. She shared lots of great information about Sasha Morgenthaler's background, as well as the face styles and clothing.

The draped table behind her concealed a special surprise, a display of several gorgeous Studio Dolls, including this pair.

After a brief break, Brenda Walton talked about the production dolls, and shared a group of slides taken at the factory (you can see the Studio Doll display behind her in this photo). This was another fascinating presentation.

Here is one of those slides, which shows a doll being strung.

She had a display of dolls to share as well, several gorgeous production dolls whose faces had been painted by Sasha herself. Here is a lovely early redhead.

Raffle/helper tickets were available after the program, so Boo and I tackled the challenge of deciding which canisters to drop tickets into. There are three amazing raffle dolls this year, including a baby that Boo covets. Then it was time for our group luncheon, where we received another part of the festival outfit - shorts and a Union Jack singlet.

Desert was this lovely cake, made up to look like the picture on the cover of the festival booklet.

The Children's Fund Auction was held after lunch. Pat kept things moving right along as auctioneer. Boo helped out as one of the young people who helped parade the item currently up for bid. The auction raised a total of £6580; a big round of applause to everyone involved!

I made up for not winning anything last year - between Boo and I we won seven items! This includes her second baby, who she is currently calling "Puppy" (to go with Kitty, the baby I bought her at last year's festival).

Boo and I grabbed a quick bite during the dinner break, and relaxed in our hotel room. Hard to believe that there was still more excitement (and spending) to come. She and I shopped till we dropped at the sales tables - shoes, dresses, sweaters, props... Good thing I brought a spare suitcase on this trip!

I'm all tuckered out, and ready to join Boo in dreamland. Hmmm, I wonder what she'll be dreaming of tonight?


lollyknits said...

Ohhh!!! Goodness!!!!! What a wonderful day and what wonderful pictures! Your narrative was magical! Thank you for sharing such wonderful day-by-day details. Wow! Amazing. Enjoy the final day.

I hope Boo liked her Full English - I could just about taste those sausages. Yum!!!

xoxo Lauri & girls

Julie said...

Congratulations on your auction wins. Another fabulous post about another fabulous day.

PrairiePosy said...

Congratulations to the lovely Miss Boo on her new baby, and to you, for another wonderful Festival report! I know how tired you must be when you are posting, and just want to say thanks so much!


wpooh012644 said...

What a darling picture of Boo....sleeping soundly with Sasha's guarding her sleep. I bet she was one of happiest ones at the festival.
Fran, thanks sooo much for your running narative of the festival...almost as good as being there.
Anxious to see all your beautiful pictures.

fransk översättning said...

You must have had a fabulous day!