01 June 2012

As You Like It

I've been taking a break from blogging for personal reasons, but am trying to find time and motivation to start posting again. This year's Sasha Festival starts in about three weeks, and I plan to post daily updates from my iPad like I did last year. If anyone needs a festival "fix" before then, all of my past festival-related posts can be found by clicking on the LABEL "festival" in the left sidebar. If anyone is wondering about the details of what is planned for this year, lots of information can be found on the festival website.


Julie said...

Really, really really looking forward to your festival posts and pictures. Would love to see what you purchase (I so wish I was going so that I could shop :) ). Have a wonderful time!

Lauri said...

I hope everything is OK with you and yours, Francine. Have a safe and wonderful trip!