15 June 2012

1968 Fringe Girls

I have two 1968 blondes with a single fringe - one is wispy while the other is more even. Both have gorgeous blue eyes. I thought it would be fun to photograph them side by side for comparison.

They are wearing their wide corduroy dresses, Allegra in blue and Alison in brown.

Alison will be coming to the festival with me. This may be out last hurrah together, as I'm contemplating selling her. Never easy to part with a Sasha, but my collection is still a bit unwieldy.

1 comment:

Serenata said...

Lovely girls Fran, not sure how you could even contemplate selling Alison though she is gorgeous!

I've yet to be lucky enough to add a 68 girl to my collection, but I do have a lot of lovely blondes ;-)